How do I prepare for online courses?
We offer a student training presentation (available upon request) that provides instructions on how to take an online course.

How will I access my online course?
Enrolled students receive a login ID and password that allows them to access their online class, view course information and retrieve academic records.

Will I have face-to-face meetings with my instructor?
Students can schedule a meeting on campus with the Program Director who administers advising and mentoring for the program.  Instructor communications can be accomplished via live classroom, email, or when appropriate by telephone.

Will I have access to library resources?
All students and faculty member can access library resources and services.

How do I get help if I cannot access my online course?
Rosemont College provides all students with a 24/7/365 help center. The college provides contact information upon enrollment.

The Student Academic Support Center also provides support to online students in a number of areas. Students have the option to meet in person, on the phone, or via email.

1400 Montgomery Avenue | Rosemont, PA 19010 | 1.888.2.Rosemont | www.rosemont.edu