Graduate Certificate in Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology is a rapidly emerging field where the legal system intersects with the mental health profession.  The graduate certificate in Forensic Psychology is designed to train students to work with people within the criminal and civil justice systems, including civil, criminal and family court systems.  This 15-credit curriculum places special emphasis on victimology, offender treatment, mental health law, juvenile justice and delinquency, and family court dynamics.  Upon completion of the program, students are qualified to be employed in settings where expertise in forensics is necessary.  Such settings include child welfare agencies, state mental health facilities, jails and prisons, community mental health centers, juvenile correction facilities, government agencies, family courts, and private practice.

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Program Courses*
PSY 6022 Psychopathology II
PSY 6300 Contemporary Issues in Forensics
PSY 6089 Trauma Studies
PSY 6330 Victimology
PSY 6345 Juvenile Justice, Delinquency and Development
PSY 6350 Offender Treatment
*Students choose 5 out of the 6 courses


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