Master of Business Administration

Rosemont’s Master of Business Administration is a flexible, pragmatic, and ethics-driven program with a global perspective that prepares students for work in a business environment that constantly evolves and expands. Rosemont’s MBA program equips students with a competitive edge by ensuring their education and skills are current to innovative business practices.

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Program Courses

MBA 6600: Leadership Fundamentals: Ethical Leadership and Values-Driven Organizations (3 credits)
MBA 6620: Decision Making Methods (3 credits)
MBA 6631: Managerial Accounting (3 credits)
MBA 6640: Ethics, Integrity and Social Responsibility (3 credits)
MBA 6651: Marketing Theory and Data Analysis (3 credits)
MBA 6653: Economics in the Workplace (3 credits)
MBA 6666: Financial Principles and Policies (3 credits)
MBA 6700: Competing in a Global Market (3 credits)
MBA 6705: Markets, Globalization and Culture (3 credits)
MBA 6712: International Law (3 credits)
MBA 6760: Thesis (3 credits)


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